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          About Me

I am latin woman from Argentina via Spain, passionate with life, play and movement. I am qualified Yoga Teacher with more than 15 years of experience in teaching from a Somatic approach. i have trained Hatha, Classical &Vinyasa Yoga, and i am certified as a ATM Feldenkrais Practitioner. My background in physical Theatre and Improv Theatre are always enriching my collective classes with spontaneity and connection with the present moment. I am now based in Australia leading workshops around the world combining Yoga, Improv Theatre and Feldenkrais techniques. My passion is to share and explore these new perspectives of thinking, sensing and moving, embracing the natural instinct that lives in everyone, allowing access to a better quality of life.

Free on-line Feldenkrais session .So we are going to get something good out of this ..?

My offering is simple and I know is so much happening online right now, so this is the time to SLOW DOWN...Have you never hear about the Feldenkrais Method before? Are you interested in learning something new and beneficial while you are at home in self isolation..? I'm going to explain why the Feldenkrais Method is essential for you in this specific time that we are living in...

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