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Feldenkrais Classes

In Nature.


Ground-breaking movement and awareness sessions to enable you to do what you want in life more easily. Improved range & efficiency of movement. More flexibility, fluidity & ease in all you do. More effective & satisfying performance in sports, dance, music & acting. Improves the capacity to breathe freely.. Greater sense of relaxation & well-being. Improved sleep. Increased vitality. The Feldenkrais method can also be helpful to those experiencing injuries from past activities leading people to chronic pain, the somatic aspects of emotional trauma. “to make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy pleasurable” Moshe Feldenkrais.


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About Me:

I am a Latin woman from Argentina through Spain, passionate about life, play and movement. I am a qualified yoga teacher with more than 15 years of experience teaching from a somatic approach. I have trained Hatha, Classical & Vinyasa Yoga, and I am a certified Feldenkrais practitioner at ATM. My experience in physical theater and improvisational theater always enrich my group classes with spontaneity and connection with the present moment. I now live in Australia, leading workshops around the world that combine Yoga, Improv Theater and Feldenkrais techniques. My passion is to share and explore these new perspectives of thinking, feeling and moving, embracing the natural instinct that lives in everyone, allowing access to a better quality of life.

Moving On.

Free dance and Feldenkrais In Nature
Moving On, Dancing your wolves.
Expressive movement with awareness, allowing yourself to change your skin from the inside out, by shaking and releasing the layers of any fear, or painful emotions,that you have experienced in isolation, or any other type of limitation that still holding you back. This THE time to get together to brake the patterns that we have taken in for the last period of life. This type of free dance can bring up whatever stress-provoked emotions you may have suppressed. Express yourself, dance your wolves, reconnect with your intentions, and listening the world with precious, delicate attention,
If you wanna see the change around yourself, begin by dancing your wolves and Move On.
Dec 20-12-20 from 9-11am

 This sesion is located in Nature, 339 Limestone Rd, Yandoit VIC 3461. Check out the venue:

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Four Limbs Retreats

Nikki Valentini & Julieta Mateo

Four Limbs Retreat aims to take you on a journey deep inside yourself.
We combine Feldenkrais, Nutrition and meditation with live music.
Enjoy inspirational cooking classes
and mindfulness, set in the beauty and solitude of nature. 
This weekend retreat, offers the possibility to reconnect with yourself and your deep instinct. Relax, restore, and rejuvenate! Rediscover the joy of looking from the inside, learning about the benefits of fermenting food, and find the inspiration to your own health journey. We look forward to meeting you!

Feldenkrais Free Online sessionLearning how to move with ease and freedom

Are you expending more time than EVER in front of your computer?... Are you been experiencing anxiety....or pain in your shoulders, neck or lower back?. Have you never hear about the Feldenkrais Method before?. Come and join me!  I'm going to share with you WHY the Feldenkrais Method is essential for you in this specific time that we are living in...               

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