The Feldenkrais Method

What it is

It is a unique system designed by Moshe Feldenkrais for improving humans lives and their quality through better-coordinated movement, thinking, breathing, sensations & feelings.

How it works

It starts by paying attention to yourself.

By paying attention to yourself you can slow down, by slowing down you can sense what you are doing and more important: HOW are you doing it, by sensing what  & how are you moving you can start to make distinctions, between habitual ways of organising yourself in motion and familiar ways of doing it, and this new way of sensing yourself is the first step toward to get to know yourself better, and better…  Allowing the creativity that lives in you to introduce new patterns of motion.

By introducing new patterns of motion, we affect how we sense, think, and feel. Empowering the self.

The Feldenkrais Method aims to support individuals  develop a greater sense of self -awareness. Slowing down, moving in your range of comfort and being gentle with yourself are essential principles of this Method.

Preventing injuries is one of the aims of the Feldenkrais Method. You can apply its benefits to everyday life, improving your performances and activities as your own yoga practice, dancing, drawing, acting, gardening, and running.

¨If you know what are you doing, you can do anything¨

– Moshe Feldenkrais.

How can you benefit?

  • Reduce stress.
  • Improve and maintain a healthy life.
  • Build new healthy habits.
  • To develop curiosity.
  • Increase your capacity to breathe freely.
  • Increase vitality.
  • Move fluently and freely.
  • Build new patterns of movement (practising Neuroplasticity)
  • Enjoy yourself
  • Improve your performance by integrating the new learning with freedom.

How to apply the Feldenkrais Method for improving your Yoga practice

Online, In person, and special workshops.

Find the best option for you and get ready to improve your performance, endurance & quality of movement.

What people say about my classes

¨What I appreciate most about the classes is to be held in a space where I can drop in deeply and explore my habits & patterns without needing an outcome.

For me, the present-centeredness, the deep awareness that comes from being present, is the most nourishing and illuminating part of the process.

I love the quiet space to connect to myself and allow some self discovery. It helps me slow down and come into my body and open up to something more expansive in my way of being¨

– Sharon Jacobson, Yoga Teacher

I love everything about my Feldenkrais classes with Julieta. Still, perhaps most of all, I love noticing my body re-organising itself without any apparent input from me  – that’s on top of what you find your body can do in the classes and the improvements you consciously think your way into.

Add better sleep, significantly improved lower back, a much wider range of neck movement, weight loss (subconsciously making better choices) and an especially excellent next day after each class, and you see why I love these sessions.

Julieta is warm and enthusiastic and offers an exceptionally nurturing and productive program.

– Malini Manusell

Julieta possesses a teaching style that encourages you to explore Feldenkrais and its many benefits with space and gentle ease.

My personal understanding of body and connection to movement, through this practice, has sparked a complete change to the way I work, live and exercise. Under the guidance of Julieta, I have completely resolved a long-standing back issue.

I highly recommend you experience Feldenkrais and Julieta’s classes for yourself! Your future body will thank you!

– Nikki.