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Feldenkrais ATM Classes

Ground-breaking movement and awareness sessions to enable you to do what you want in life more easily. Improved range & efficiency of movement. More flexibility, fluidity & ease in all you do. More effective & satisfying performance in sports, dance, music & acting. Improves the capacity to breathe freely.. Greater sense of relaxation & well-being. Improved sleep. Increased vitality. The Feldenkrais method can also be helpful to those experiencing injuries from past activities leading people to chronic pain, the somatic aspects of emotional trauma. “to make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy pleasurable” Moshe Feldenkrais.

Free on-line Feldenkrais session .So we are going to get something good out of this ..?

My offering is simple and I know is so much happening online right now, so this is the time to SLOW DOWN...Have you never hear about the Feldenkrais Method before? Are you interested in learning something new and beneficial while you are at home in self isolation..? I'm going to explain why the Feldenkrais Method is essential for you in this specific time that we are living in...

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